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Bara no Seidou

The peal of thunder invites you to a new encounter...

† Sanctuary of the Rose †
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Hello and welcome to Bara no Seidou. I'm Ningyou, and I'll be your hostess. ^^ This is a j-rock roleplaying community. It is open membership, so anyone can join, but there are a few requirements you must fit before you can officially join. I say 'requirements', because I prefer it to 'rules'. That word seems condescending to me, and that's the last thing I want to be seen as ^^;. We're not elitist in any way, but after being in countless blurty communities that all flopped, Kozi and I figured out what needed to be done differently to make things a success, so I'm putting it to use here ^^

1. Please stay in character. This is a must. It's alright to have little breaks of out of character comments, just make sure they're written in the correct format. (See #6) Proper grammar/typing skills are required as well. Typos are fine, but I won't have anything along the lines of "Mana stood on teh talbe and yelled 'WAAI~~!!!!! KEEEEKIIIIII!!' b4 jmuping off adn turning a backflip onto the couch XDD" This type of rp can often be unrealistic, and rather annoying. We'd like to avoid that. For the love of God please use good judgement. I don't mean to sound bitchy, but that's one of the things that really bothers me the most about RPing. Please, try to go for quality posts. Sure, it may take a bit more time, but the results are astounding.

2. The main community will be in old-rpg style. If you were ever part of a Yahoo RPG back in the day, you know what kind of posts I mean. Third person for the most part. A sample post can be found here.

3. You must have an AIM name and journal for your character. No using of your personal journal, please. Also, please don't use a journal that you're currently using for another rpg.

4. Once a character is taken, it's taken. Usually, the requirement is one character per person, but if you can proove to be able to handle two characters, you can. Let it be known, though, that you'll need a new livejournal for each character, as well as a new AIM screen name.

5. Please try to post as often as you can ^^ This doesn't mean you have to post every single day, but if you haven't posted for...about a month to a month and a half without reason/warning, you'll be warned that you may lose your character.

6. All out of character posts should be made in the format of ((OOC: I like to bake.))

7. Please make all lengthy posts behind an LJ cut. < lj - cut text = "Broken Recollection" > stuff< /lj - cut > is the tag.

8. Shonen-ai/yaoi is definitely ok...but all lemons should be kept to IMs, please ^.^

9. AIM screen names are mostly for group things.

10. The main journal is for actual roleplaying, your character journals are for diary-like entries about either events in the community, or random musings. This is in first person. (i.e "Today I watched the sky for a long while, pondering 'What is human..?'. Still, there is no answer..")

11. No God-like characters. Also, no roleplaying for anyone else without their permission. (i.e "Mana walked up to Kozi. "Does my eyeliner look off?", he asked. "No," Kozi replied, "It's lovely.")

12. This RP takes place around the early Bara no Seidou era...around May 2000 (with the release of Kyomu), a bit before Klaha has been hired. So all bands should be set around this time. Whatever your band was doing in 2000, that applies here. We'll move the RP along as quickly as possible so that we can catch up to what they are doing with recent things, but first things first.

13. This isn't just for Malice Mizer. Any other j-rock band can join. J-rock only though, please. No j-pop/j-rap ^^

14. A disclaimer should be put in all userinfos that you are not the real person...preferably in bold text.

Ok, now that we're done with that, off to the registration form ^^

Personal LJ (if applicable):
Desired Character:
Band they're from:
Sample RP (basically a sample of how you roleplay. ^^):

All entries can be sent to rpg@bara-no-seidou.com and either Kozi or I will check them when we can. Please be patient, though. ^^ Once we've approved you, you can go ahead and get an rp journal and AIM name.

List of current characters thus far:

Malice Mizer

Mana * silent_aria
Kozi * kozisama
Yu~ki * chocolatebass
Klaha * koe_kanouteki


Tetsu * mysweetcomb


Gackt * tastemyvanilla

Velvet Eden

Dada * delicate_spider

Dir en Grey

Kyo * _vulgar


Machi * rose_wine
Kamijo * (needs new LJ)

Moi dix Mois (When applicable)

Mana * silent_aria
Juka * (LJ pending)
Kazuno * (LJ pending)

As of now, only a couple people need character journals/IM names. When you get them, please email them to us. ^^

I think that's all...^^ If you have any questions, email us. Thank you and have fun!! *^^*