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Re: ..."What do you mean by 'you're out of the band'?"

((OOC: Got permission from Kozi to use him here. <3))

Mana laughed at the fact that Klaha was so nervous and patted his head as he gathered brushes and various makeups. "Don't be so nervous. We don't bite...much.", he snickered as he sat the man down in front of a mirror.

Just then his phone rang. He answered, holding the phone with his shoulder, styling Klaha's hair while the other person talked.

"Mmhmm...mmhmm...yeah...", he said gradually, stifling histeric laughter. As he finished Klaha's hair, he sat down in front of him to work on his makeup. "Yes, we'll take a box of thin mints, and 2...wait...", he hesitated to count the people in the room, pointing around with eyeliner, "Make that 3 boxes of peanut butter. Thank you!", he said as he hung up.

Kozi walked in with tea for Klaha and set it down in front of him. "Who was it?", he asked.

"Tetsu.", Mana stated simply. "Look up!", he directed Klaha and continued about his merry way.

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