Robots Go Away (mysweetcomb) wrote in bara_no_seidou,
Robots Go Away

..."What do you mean by 'you're out of the band'?"

((OOC: Hi guys. It's me. Tetsu. Imma cool guy. First post. I'm playing just a bit for Mana just so my post isn't all of one line, and she's cool with it so y'all best be gettin outta mah grill :F Anyway, yeah. Uh, glad to be here. ......*point* OMFG WHAT'S THAT? *runs.*))

Mana blinked as a muffled 'doodilllydoo' sounded from somewhere in the folds of his clothing and he reached about until he pulled out a flashing cellphone. Frowning a bit at the unfamiliar number that showed up on the caller ID, he flipped it open and put his mouth near the phone, uttering a quiet "Mana desu."

"Okay, seriously, here's what happened. I was getting out of bed and I went into the kitchen and apparently somebody forgot to buy more milk. And you KNOW I can't have my crunchberries without milk. So I put on some slipper and I was just going to run to the store really quick but on the way this chick pulls over and asks me if I've seen her cat. I say 'No, crazy hoe, go away I'm getting milk', but she keeps following me with her car so finally I was just like 'Fine, I'll help you find your damn cat!" and she pointed to this alley. So I went in the COMPLETELY OPPOSITE DIRECTION from the Quicky Mart and was all "Here kitty kitty..." and the HUGEST rabbit appeared out of fucking NO WHERE and it wanted a carrot! What was I supposed to do, right?? So I ran back to my appartment and hid in the shower, and that's why I missed practice. ...Sooo....'sup?"

Tet-SU! (godblessyou.)
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