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Mana laughed. "Eager, I like that.", he snickered.

He turned his attention to the matter at hand again, combing through a bit of Haruna's hair with his hand, deep in thought, studying his features from every possible angle. "Mmm...perhaps a bit of a haircut is all you'll need...your features are lovely and will look even moreso with a bit of won't even need that much..."

Writing that down, he spoke while he wrote, "You are very regal...I really like that. We'll portray you as a prince-like type, also resemble a perhaps a bit of both?", he asked, making sure that was alright.

"Also...we may need to give you a stage name, if that's alright...most of ours are variations of our own names...exception being Gackt. And as much as I hate to say it, I think that's the kind we're looking for...something...otherworldly. With a 'Where on Earth did he come up with that?' kind of feeling."

"Also...", he looked up, "I may want to warn you beforehand...we want our next vocalist shrouded in complete mystery. We want to keep the fans on the edge of their seats trying to guess 'Who is that beautiful voice?', and to have those that said we could be nothing without Gackt to kick themselves in frustration. So we want it like a game for a little while, at least for a few singles...kind of a 'Wizard of Oz' kind of feeling, where you wonder where the voice is comng from. Except this will be an exceptionally pleasent surprise, as you fit us in every way we always wanted, I think. So is it alright with you if we do that? The "Grand Unveiling", if you will, is going to be amazing."

He awaited a response, hoping he hadn't offended their new vocalist.

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