Kikuzawa Yu~ki (chocolatebass) wrote in bara_no_seidou,
Kikuzawa Yu~ki


Yu~ki stood still through the performance, head lowered as his mind devoured every note of the man's voice. The sweet highs and lows in the song blended into each other beautifully, his voice seeming to harmonise even with itself, as Gackt's had when they first began. Slowly he allowed both the music and Haruna's voice to become one, each note perfectly coupling its musical partner, coming together in such a way he hadn't heard truly in years. The man's tone was deep and senuous, something which he knew suited most of Mana's half-composed music beyond description, and he imagined the same dark yet gentle voice accompanying what he believed was to be their best work yet. Barely able to find a fault during the entire performance, as the song ended he was silently sad he had spent so much time analysing, having missed several minutes of simply listening to the honey-sweet sound that he knew was to become that of their next vocalist.

Both Mana and Kozi commented, their responses reflecting his own, and as his turn came to speak he was unsure exactly of how to phrase his own opinion. Taking the weight of his body off Haruna's shoulder, Yu~ki simply smiled at his two fellow band members, and he who was to be the third. "Your voice.. astounds me, Haruna-san. Whether gift or talent it's something I will never regret accepting, nor forget, no matter how many years Malice Mizer continues." He laughed briefly, looking up at Mana. "The final decision of course is not mine, as is nothing in this band, but.. I believe you understand my vote, no matter how badly I phrase it."
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